What is the middle school hub?

Middle school hub is a resource for parents, home schoolers and educators with kids in the middle school. Middle school is a gateway to high school and then later to college or university education. It is therefore very important that the students receive the very best possible education in the middle school.

How can this site help?

This site features information and resources as well as fun games and activities for students of all ages, but especially those in middle school. Research finds that kids who play mind stimulating games outperform non-playing kids on standardized tests by 24%. Games such as puzzles, spelling challenges, quizzes, and other mind building activities. Also this education hub features subject guides and homework help for different subjects are included, such as arts, maths, social sciences, english, and sciences. Also, a guide on different activities and clubs is featured, such as the connect youth international, a great youth exchange program from the UK.

Unfortunately we are moving servers, so these features are not available at the moment.

What about college / university students?

In our homework / essay help section older students have opportunity to help middle school kids. It's a great way to give back to the community while building a strong resume. According to resume writing and career services, community service points on the resume is the best way to land an apprenticeship job, espacially when one is pursuing a degree in education. And, lets not forget that it can be a lot of fun too!